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Shake a leg in old Berlin Old Berlin hops into the golden 1920ies with Berolina-linke Wade Golden 1920ies
Berolina-linke Wade

Old Berlin shakes a leg: This part of the programme features the characters Schiebermaxe and Karlineken.
Bolle tells us the story of his spring trip out of Berlin, another street ballad and dance is dedicated to the weavers, one of the important guilds in Berlin around 1900. Whether as a show, during a prom or a workshop, traditionals from Berlin alternate with historic dances from Brandenburg and rarities from around 1900.


Komm Karlineken - Dance from 1900
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We will be pleased to provide you upon request with our multi-media CD with:
Die Holzauktion - video,
Komm Karlineken - video,
TV-Show - video,
Dance workshop and prom - video,
Photo show,
Bolle reiste jüngst zu Pfingsten (mp3),
Fritze Bollmann (mp3),
Schiebermaxe (mp3),
Webers letzter Gedanke (mp3).