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Shake a leg in old Berlin Old Berlin hops into the golden 1920ies with Berolina-linke Wade Golden 1920ies

Berolina-linke Wade  

BERLIN: More than 100 years ago the inhabitants of Berlin met their guests at the left calf of the monument girl Berolina on Alexanderplatz, in the heart of the city. "Let's meet there and go and shake a leg" - every amusement started at this famous landmark.
The gramophone or the accordeon played in the courtyard of the tenement block, and everybody joined the rhythm of a popular
During the
roaring 1920ies afro-american rhythms fired the audience, every month a new exotic step became popular in Berlin's ballrooms. Berolina-linke Wade takes you back to Berlin at the turn of the century and to the Charleston era and invites you to shake your legs.

In each November and December our show Dancing in the Snow Flurry performs traditional Christmas songs and winter dances from around 1900 till the Swinging Forties.

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